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WELCOME to Ugli mediation, the family law mediation service.  We mediate all issues relating to divorce, separation, financial matters and your children.  We can also assist in other family matters, such as inheritance disputes. 

Wherever you are in the country, or in the world, we are able to help, providing your dispute relates to the law in England, Wales or Scotland. 

triangle_of_handsAll sessions are conducted via telephone at a time to suit you both, and where possible correspondence is dealt with electronically.

Traditionally mediation has been an in-person service.  We recognise that to date, it has been nigh on impossible for expats and for couples who are separated by any distance, or who are juggling busy diaries, to be able to utilise mediation.  Not any longer. 

At Ugli, we advocate that there is absolutely no need for anybody to have to see their former spouse/partner in order for mediation to work effectively.   The founders drew from their former experience of remotely working in legal practice on one hand and remotely undertaking therapy on the other, to develop remote mediation.

We also recognise that forcing both parties to appear together to discuss the issues they were unable to agree upon, in the same room with a third party, left many unable or unwilling to play the mediation game.  After all, who wants to sit in the same room as their partner when there is already tension, a degree or more of loathing or post_it_note_torn_2resentment, where there is guilt or fear, or when betrayal has happened? 

We know you are in pain, and we know that mediation is not easy.  We believe that working by telephone and email lessens the natural discomfort that such a process engenders by being one step back. 

After all, we have all been in situations where it was easier to say something over the phone than it was face to face.  The safe, non-threatening environment created by use of telephone allows even the most timid to be assured that their voice will be heard.

Ugli Mediation relies on the willingness of two parties to come to an agreement which enables not only the two of them, but the whole family to move forward on a win:win basis.

We require you both to look at what you are trying to achieve and the reasons you want to achieve it. Then, with some guidance, and using our negotiation skills, we assist you to decide upon the best for you all. There will be no winner or loser; there will be a fair and reasonable agreement that you have reached between you.

Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can help in your situation.


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